LIVING HELL: Enslaved aboard 10 ships of shame

WHEN a fisheries patrol vessel intercepted three foreign vessels fishing illegally off the coast they found “modern-day slaves” forced to live and work in appalling conditions. Some of the crew, mainly Indonesian and Taiwanese, had been working on the tuna fishing vessels for between three and five years without being paid. Read [email protected]  07:36

2 Responses to LIVING HELL: Enslaved aboard 10 ships of shame

  1. Dave Aripotch says:

    Where are our federally mandated ” fisheries spy’s” now ? Worried that I might catch a sundial in with a bag of fluke,thats where. Kind of a joke if you ask me.Where are our friends at Puke charitable trusts now? There social engineers,how can they let this happen? I’ll tell you how.In the good old United States,if you have a fisheries permit the own you,and will make a cash cow out of you. Show me one observer who has the balls to take this mess on and I’ll show you an observor that’s welcome on my boat anytime

  2. MB-Y says:

    Hope, the Cape Town authoriries will sell the tuna and distribute the proceedings among the crewa to be repatriated, for otherwise they won’t be paid for all the years of their enslavement. MB-Y

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