Taufen: Volksverdummung’s Alive and Well in Fisheries

The Germans call the stupefaction, misleading or brainwashing of the people ‘Volksverdummung’— which seems to be well-established in the seafood industry these days. It’s been largely ushered down the regulation-making aisles by a few greedy corporations and fishermen who feel entitled, and financially assisted by major conservation (allegedly) NGOs.

Especially in the Alaska zone, the Paradox of Plenty — the reflection of a Resource Curse, lives well, and profitably so for a few winners —and those winners continues to destroy thousands of jobs for captains and fishing crews. Certainly a few Congressmen settle for nickels in campaign contributions to ignore the rights of a majority of the People.

Especially when it comes to fisheries “Catch Shares” mentality (CS), the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) and the Alaska-focused North Pacific Fishery Management Council (NPFMC) — despite access to information on global failures of privatizations of public resources — continues to betray a baffling ignorance of the subject matter under discussion.

Before I get into the dispossession of fisher family opportunities, incomes, wealth and rights caused by “Enclosure of the Commons” — privatization schemes such as catch shares — or into the abrogation of the promise that no American fisherman would be charged for the privilege rights to fish, and the postured shallowness of CS proponents who exploit fear and use disaster economic lies to exploit resources, why don’t we set up some thinking ground?!  Read more here 10:43

3 Responses to Taufen: Volksverdummung’s Alive and Well in Fisheries

  1. JJ says:

    Steven points out everything that is wrong with privatization schemes like, “Catch Shares, IFQ’s, ITQ’s,”nd all other forms of privately held fishing quotas. The theft of public wealth, resources, and damage to the public well being that these greed based conservation scams represent is a crime against the people that should be punishable by being clubbed to death by thousands of dis-enfranchised workers with good old American baseball bats.
    In the mean time these quota fisheries need a rent strike….

  2. Ron Stead says:

    well men, welcome to the rest of the world, did any one of you really expect to escape the reality of the new world order. Have you never heard of Marine Harvest?

  3. alaskagal says:

    Excellent article. Thanks for the great overview. I will be making the suggested comments on my tax returns. Brilliant!

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