One Man’s Fight – Chris McCaffity – a commercial snapper/grouper fisherman

I had the pleasure of meeting Chris online today, and it turned into a long telephone conversation discussing fishery issues that neither one of us knew much about because of the different regions we are familiar with, he South East, I north East. I am impressed with his methodology and tenacity, as he finds himself in the same boat as many fishermen find themselves. Endangered!

I will not bore you with a long drawn out synopsis of our conversation, what I will do, however, is give you the link to his website. This is the cornerstone that he has built from to engage government official”s, ENGO’s, and his fellow citizen’s and fishermen. Visit, and get to know this fisherman from North Carolina. OH! Buy a calender from him. He fights for you, too!

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  1. borehead - Moderator says:

    I really enjoyed our discussion today, and I suspect there will be many others in the near future! BH

  2. freefish7 says:

    Thank you sir. I was filled with hope after we talked. You have a wealth of knowledge and a passion to help. Thank you for the hard work you are doing for fishermen, consumers, and our resources. I look forward to working with you and fishermen across America who are facing their own struggles due to fishery mismanagement. We must unite and support each others freedom to responsibly harvest this great Nation’s seafood if any of us are going to keep this freedom we love. Knowledge is power and we have power in numbers. Please sign the Dr. Rothschild for NOAA Administrator petition. “The price of apathy is to be ruled by evil men.” Plato

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