Island Fishermen’s Wives keep safety in focus – 25 years of community service

IA-IFWA-25-years-121814-FD_storyleadTwenty-five years ago the island fishing community lost two of its own within a few short weeks. Clyde Haskell and Allen Thompson both died in fishing-related incidents. Thompson’s body was never recovered from the water. From those tragedies was born an association that would bring the safety and well-being of fishermen into the light: Island Fishermen’s Wives Association, or IFWA for short. The association has reached its 25th year, and to celebrate it has spent 2014 giving back to the community. Read the rest here 19:12

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  1. StripedBassHole says:

    From my line of sight this looks like a GREAT ORGANIZATION. Much like the “GLOUCESTER FISHERMANS WIVES”. These ORGANIZATIONS throughout the NATION should be joined together under a COMMON THREAD. FISHERMEN and their support INDUSTRIES have become the “ENDANGERED SPECIES”. Given the current RULES the INDUSTRY was reduced DRAMATICALLY. JANIE put it right on the TABLE. CATCH SHARES will reduce the number of VESSELs by a SIGNIFICANT FRACTION kind of like JUMBO SHRIMP another oxymoron. Do you think calling it a FRACTION reduces the BLOW any LESS? It has only served to reduce the VOICE and the NATIONAL MEDIA hasn’t helped the cause AT ALL. When you pick up a NEWS PAPER or other JOURNAL you have to look at the influencing PEOPLE behind them. That is their OWNERS. We lost a MAJOR VOICE when we lost RICHARD GAINE’s a GREAT MAN of INTEGRITY. It appears RAY LAMONT and “THE GLOUCESTER DAILY TIMES” has joined the FLOCK.
    I know people are going to see my MONICAL listed several times. I even look at it myself and said to myself it doesn’t look right. After speaking to the Administrator who encouraged me to continue. I will stay here and speak out. Someone has to hold the TORCH so others can find the PATH. I encourage you to become involved even if you don’t agree with me. I have a very thick skin and I may be hiding behind a MONICAL or HANDLE but I learned the hard way through a personal experience and I won’t expose myself again. So take it or leave it. I do my best to stay informed. I have HANDS ON experience in the FISHING INDUSTRY which I found to be a great JOB until TSHTF. I have earned secondary Educational Degrees and have worked as a Blue Collar and a White Collar Employee and Employer. Nothing beats being out on the Ocean where you can see it, feel it, taste it, and put your Back into it. This was a REAL JOB a PASSION and we have just been swept aside like anything else that drops on a GOVERNMENT AGENCY FLOOR. They have taken OUR PADDLES and set US ADRIFT.
    So what’s it going to be? The Nation needs to know what “T.O.O.P.” really means to AMERICA.

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