Long-time REGULATION STRAPPED Barnegat Light fishing family calls it quits

The Eble family has made their last trip on the Doris Mae IV. The fishing family that has been a fixture in Barnegat Light for nearly 70 years has decided to pack in it. “I really wanted to stay in the business another five to 10 years but National Marine Fishery Service’s rules and regulations are killing us. They’re putting us out of business,” said Capt. Charlie Eble. Read the rest here 17:15

2 Responses to Long-time REGULATION STRAPPED Barnegat Light fishing family calls it quits

  1. Ec Newell Man says:

    The Doris Mae is going to a top notch new owner where she will again ply the offshore waters.

  2. StripedBassHole says:

    Here’s an idea Ec., double the Beam Catortizing her with wrap around Hulls or Decks on Stilts. Gut the inner Hull creating a large POOL fill it up with Hybrid Bass of all sizes. Tag some of them with a variety of Prizes. Everyone goes Home with a Fish even if a Mate has to dipnet it, excluding Tagged Fish. Hybrids can be Trucked in for each Fishathon. Live Entertainment, Food, Drink, Dancing up on the Top Deck. Plug in the Shore Power. Leave Her tied to the Dock little or no Fuel cost. No Rocking or Exhaust Fumes. Probably need a bigger Parking Lot too. Damn!!! Casinos are the RAGE now too. Shit you can even stick up a WIND MILL make Her self-sustaining and painter GREEN… Ain’t SARCASM GREAT???
    Best of Luck to the New Owner for REEL.(with all sincerity)
    Sorry old Philosophies die hard. If you can’t Screw’em-JOKE’M…
    Again get out there and Catch’em up Capt.

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