Does the size of a boat matter?

nffo small boat fishermenDo fishermen within the small boat sector get the representation they deserve and do they even want or need that representation? Firstly to share a lovely quote I often use when discussing difficult issues facing fishermen, when it appears that they are not all that interesting in engaging. “If you as a fisherman do not take an interest in your own future, someone else sure as hell will.” That of course applies equally, to the bigger boat sector. Read the rest here 20:55

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  1. StripedBassHole says:

    The small Vessel Fishery is most especially important, from once we all most have begun our TRADITIONAL FISHING BUSINESSES. Be it in Youth or Retirement. Once you have the Briny in your VEINS it’s with you for LIFE. This is where the real TRAGEDY in lays. A HEALTHY LIFE at SEA is surely important to thee. How dare they vilify US? Physical labor out in the GREAT OUTDOORS prolongs LIFE and most importantly give us a sense of purpose while providing HEALTHY PROTEIN for those that can’t do it on their own. From the very beginning a portion of the TRIBES were made up of the HUNTERS and GATHERS. The FABRIC of the GROUP that helped all sustain a HEALTHY LIFE. Without that component the TRIBE would have a VOID, that weakened and endangered all that depended on the HUNTERS and GATHERERS. Today there is an influx of for lax of a better term FARM RAISED FISH and SHELLFISH. The quality is definitely inferior to FRESH CAUGHT from the WILD PRODUCT. You can taste the difference.
    I call upon all PEOPLE across the GLOBE to support and CELEBRATE the TRADITIONAL FISHERIES. Especially here in the USA where WE have been stripped of OUR COMMON PROPERTY by “T.O.O.P.” and EXECUTIVE ORDER one Man’s DECISION not a consensus of CONGRESS. Stop it now while we still live in a DEMOCRACY. SOCIALISM is just around the CORNER if ALL AMERICANS and CONGRESS OUR VOICE in GOVERNMENT don’t “NIP IT IN THE BUD”. It’s time to tend to OUR OWN GARDEN!!! WAKE UP and stop the “MADNESS” that is “O”. We are not in OZ, we are in KANSAS and the rest of “AMERICA”. ENOUGH is ENOUGH let’s roll back “T.O.O.P.” and every other SOCIALIST ATTACK on the FABRIC that makes this the LAND OF THE FREE. One STEP starts a JOURNEY of a THOUSAND MILES, little grains of sand and drops of water make a “MIGHTY OCEAN”, and today is the beginning of the REST OF YOUR LIFE. Let’s make a DIFFERENCE…

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