Lobstermen, DMR talk state of lobster fishing

lobsterDM0811_468x521“We realize a fairly large amount of people want to transfer from other zones, and we are looking into that,” Keliher replied. Lobsterman Steve Taylor, of Kittery, said “I’m sorry if this is going to offend people, but what about the people who are on the waiting list that already have a cushy job somewhere and just want to make extra money lobstering? That worries us. We depend on this for out living. Everything else in the industry has been taken away.” Read the rest here 17:46

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  1. Sonja Sleeper says:

    I think one of the biggest problems with fishery regulations is the one size fits all approach. Lobstermen in Maine are for the most part individals with a sternman or two to help with the haul, they do not work year round, nor do they have a corporate structure. Applying regulations as if they were a business with employees, facilities and other things is wrong. Fishing zones, seasons, paperwork, safety rules (although a good idea) are thought of based on larger operations. Not in terms of one guy and a boat.

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