Louisiana prepared to ignore federal snapper regulations

While the federal government reaffirmed its control of recreational red snapper management this past week, Louisiana fisheries officials also doubled down on a threat to claim three marine leagues of ocean on behalf of the state in an effort to wrestle away oversight of the species from the Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Management Council. Read more here

2 Responses to Louisiana prepared to ignore federal snapper regulations

  1. Non-compliance? Well after being at a special sub-committee MRIP workshop here in NY last week, Gordon Colvin, Project Manager for MRIP, was pretty adamant in stating, that both Louisiana and Alabama may be able to take regulatory measures in their own state waters, but as soon as you go out into the EEZ, their is going to be a very big enforcement issue which fishermen would then have to deal with. Though I must admit, great to see the states finally starting to assert their rights on the issue on the use of a public resource..

  2. Go here to see what NOAA/NMFS approves of…heavens forbid YOU kill so many fish at one time!

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