“F… me – that would be some bad luck!” — Carlos Rafael : Excerpts from “The Case”

Following are excerpts from the affadavit of IRS Special Agent Ronald Mullett submitted in the of Carlos Rafael. “He [Michael] buys a lot of fish. You can become a laundromat. You’ll never find a better laundromat than this mother….” — Carlos Rafael. = = = “I could have to regret this to you [sic], because I don’t know you. You could be the IRS in here. This could be a cluster-f…. So I’m trusting you. The only thing is, I open myself because both of you is Russians and I don’t think they would have two Russians [posing as agents]. F… me – that would be some bad luck!” — Carlos Rafael,,, “Rafael said a lot! Read the rest here 18:51

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