Protesting the shrimp cuts to the inshore fleet – Time to start fighting, (Ret) Capt. Wilfred Bartlett

hi-shrimp-852From the letter: We lost our cod fishery because of stupidity but we kept on fishing capelin which is the main food supply of the cod plus most everything else in the ocean, as well as the sea birds. We keep dragging on the spawning grounds, we still have foreigners fishing on the Grand Banks breaking every rule in the book and getting off scot free, while our boats have to stay ashore. The reason I attended the rally in St. John’s was I thought to myself this is the last stand, with the troubles in the industry only getting worst, the shrimp fishery is a prime example of David and Goliath, where we are always battling the big boys, the foreigners and other provinces who all want the valuable resource that is adjacent to our coastal communities, a resource that is rightfully ours. Read the letter here 08:25

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