N.L.’s fishing industry featured in Irish documentary

2016-04-07-01-20-10-TEL-web-07042016-AtlanticDocumentary-SCRNA new documentary that tells of Ireland’s troubled fishing industry, Newfoundland’s cod moratorium and Norway’s oil industry is getting some attention on the other side of the pond. “Atlantic,” by Irish director Risteard Ó Domhnaill (Richie O’Donnell), won the Best Irish Documentary award at the Dublin International Film Festival, according to The Southern Star, a publication in southern Ireland. The crowd-funded documentary was pitched on fundit.ie as a documentary that “follows the fortunes of three fishing communities united and divided by the Atlantic ocean, as they struggle to maintain their way of life despite mounting challenges within their own industry and environment, and an increase of oil exploration activities in their fishing grounds. Read the rest here 15:05

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