A lobsterman’s safety training kicks in

2272329-51890It was an unseasonably warm morning on Friday, Nov. 6, 2015, when Sam Allen set out alone from Ipswich Bay on his 28-foot lobster boat, the Dawn Breaker. The temperature was in the low 60s, the sky was clear, the seas flat. A moderate wind was blowing from the southwest. “It was a gorgeous day,” recalled Allen, who is 39 and has been a fisherman all his life. Around 9 a.m., he was working off the southern tip of Plum Island, in a spot known as Emerson’s Pocket, roughly 250 yards from shore, when he confronted a typical problem in his line of work. One of his trawl lines, a long rope running from a surface buoy to 10 lobster traps on the ocean bottom, could not be reeled in. That meant at least one of the traps was stuck below. Read the story here 12:21

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