Cod, NOAA, and Existence by Featured Writer Dick Grachek

This is an expanded response to John B.’s posted comment on a Standard-Times, New Bedford, article by Steve Urbon titled:  “Petition seeks closing of NOAA fisheries regional office”,  a comment in which John B. states that the New England fishermen’s troubles are due to “over harvesting” and that NOAA is not the cause of the fishermen’s troubles.”, NOAA’s role he contends, “…is only the bearer of bad tidings” and so NOAA then, quite innocently, didn’t “cause” any of this mess; instead, he warns fishermen that “…unless the [fishing] industry takes an unflinching look at the realities that it is facing” or, “Ignore the realities, and the New England fishing industry may well go the way of Newfoundland’s, which fished itself out of existence some years ago.”

Link to the article and comment at the Standard Times

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