‘Only virgins’ operate N. Korea fishing boat

450virginNorth Korea’s main newspaper Rodong Shinmun has printed a story about a fishing boat operated only by “virgin women.” The article appeared on July 30 under the headline “We also are the keepers of Golden Sea.” Named “The Daughter-Young Men Heroine of Korean Worker’s Party,” the highly praised fishing boat is operated by the fishing industry in the city of Nampo, according to the article. Mobilizing women into the fishing industry ― where men are usually in the majority ― and praising the launch of the boat are viewed as an attempt to boost output by increasing the number of people employed in it. The state, which has been under heavy international sanctions in response to its nuclear program earlier this year, is promoting the campaign to boost its sputtering domestic economy and pursue its philosophy of “self-reliance” by imposing heavier workloads on the people. Encouraging women to work on a boat, which can be demanding, clearly reflects the pressure North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un is under to dig his country out of stagnation. Read the rest here 09:37

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