Stay, or Go. McClellanville Fishermen face tough decision as Hurricane Matthew approaches

matthew-mcclellanville-shrimpersHurricane Hugo just devastated the sleepy fishing village of McClellanville, but they rebuilt and started fishing again. The community has since weathered several storms. As Hurricane Matthew  approaches, fishermen have some of the toughest decisions to make. “I have a house but i stay on my boat,” said shrimp boat captain Timmy Glines. “I don’t have insurance, a lot of money invested and i don’t want to lose it.” Glines will stay but he knows the destruction Hugo caused firsthand “It was very scary,” Glines said. “I don’t want to do it again, ever ever. This is just a bit less, if it was 150 mph, I’d get out of here.” The big question for the captains here– should I stay or should I go. The docks in McClellanville look like the back of an entertainment center — boats and ropes tied up so tightly — some captains staying, others will go. Video, Read the story here 06:57

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