New Jersey Scalloper Nick Rossi makes the scene at the 10th Annual Clam Jam!

For 10 years now, local apparel company Jetty, has held its Clam Jam (click for standings and great photos) each fall. At its root, it’s a surf contest. But it’s also a celebration of Island surfing and the local community at large. One of the aspects of the contest that keeps it a beloved event is the fact that it’s run “on call,” meaning the date of the Clam Jam is determined by the waves. Once the window period opens the first weekend after Chowderfest, it can be run any Saturday or Sunday with good swell and conditions. Surfers and spectators get excited year after year because of the quality waves. Alternatively, wives, girlfriends, and families have a running joke about not being able to make plans through the whole month of October, at the possibility that the Clam Jam might run. Rossi has surfed nine of 10 Clam Jams and won with John Bonner back in 2010. He had just gotten back from an 11-day fishing trip at daybreak on Saturday morning. Read the story here 09:20

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