C.G. Cutter Tamaroa “Perfect Storm” ship to be part of first wave of renewed NJ reef program

One of Northfield resident Jim Yost’s favorite memories of the Coast Guard’s famed ship the Tamaroa was when it towed to shore a Navy plane that ran out of fuel at sea. “We were towing it into New York, and the admiral was so embarrassed that the Coast Guard was towing in the Navy,” said Yost, 84, who served on the Tamaroa in the 1950s when he was in the Coast Guard. The Tamaroa, a former World War II ship that was also featured heavily in the book and film “The Perfect Storm,” is expected to be sunk off the coast of Cape May by the end of the year, according to New Jersey and Delaware officials. It will become one of the first vessels submerged since the return of New Jersey’s artificial reef program earlier this year. Read the story here 16:27

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