Sandy Stokes and the C.C.Venture spent four days stuck in Bonavista Bay

After days stuck in pack ice in Bonavista Bay, Sandy Stokes and the crew of the C.C. Venture freed themselves with some clever thinking. With only a few hundred meters to go before they would drift into Gull Island, near Bonavista, the crew “concocted” a plan to tie the boat onto a large ice pan, hoping it would continue its course away from the land mass. “We figured our best chance was to get some rope to that pan that we could see that was actually moving outside the island, just to see if it would tow us out any,” Stokes said Wednesday. “And it did, it worked perfectly.” After getting itself stuck in ice in Bonavista Bay, and drifting from Gooseberry Island, near Saint Brendan’s to Bonavista, the C.C. Venture finally freed itself on April 25 — five days after their sealing trip began. click here to see more images, read the story 12:18

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