Boat and Ship Industry Ideal for 3D Printer R&D Tax Credits – What is 3D Printing? An Overview.

Although many boat and ship components are standard items, the added transportation costs and marine specifications often make parts and components difficult to source and very expensive.,, Vessels need to have spare parts stocked at all times in case something goes awry and a replacement is necessary. This leads to more space and weight taken up on the vessel related to the spare parts inventory. 3D printers on boats would eliminate the need for an inventory of spare parts. With a 3D printer on deck, many spare parts could be printed on demand. The quick and cost-efficient benefit of having a 3D printer onboard a vessel can dramatically change the way the changing and fixing of parts is managed. Although 3D printing may seem like a daunting idea, it is not too difficult for the average person to use. click here to read the story 13:37

What is 3D Printing? An Overview. click here to read it

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