Naknek-Kvichak fishermen eagerly await the 16 million sockeye run to show

With just 100,000 sockeye counted as harvest, and 65,000 counted as escapement, skippers and crew play the waiting game in Bristol Bay’s largest fishing district. The Naknek-Kvichak district had a couple openers earlier this week with not a lot of promise. While fish are coming in at record breaking numbers in the Nushigak, skippers in the Naknek-Kvichak are playing the game of ‘hurry up and wait.’ Boats are anchored and lined up at the Naknek Silver Bay Seafoods dock Thursday afternoon. Skippers and crew are working on last minute repairs…some are playing cards, reading books, napping. The overall sentiment is disappointment from the last two openers. Audio report, click here listen/read 09:43

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