Latest shark incident prompts Cape Cod politician to push ‘Hazard migration strategy’ – would hook ’em, kill ’em

A Barnstable County commissioner is proposing a controversial “shark hazard mitigation strategy” after a shark attacking a seal off a Cape Cod beach Monday sent terrified swimmers and surfers scrambling to shore. Commissioner Ron Beaty is looking to deploy baited drum lines with hooks near popular beaches in the hopes of catching great white sharks — a protocol that he says has been successfully implemented in South Africa and Australia. “From my viewpoint, based upon the sharp increase in shark-related attacks and incidents around Cape Cod in recent years, there is a clear and present danger to human life as a result of this growing problem,”. (He’s not wrong, as a report of a shark gnawing on a paddleboard surfaced today, (click here) . Greg Skomal, a state Division of Marine Fisheries biologist, said he would need to know more about Beaty’s proposal, which, based on the commissioner’s seven-sentence press release, “doesn’t seem to have much to it.” “I’m wondering what the shark hazard is,” said Skomal, who has spent more than 30 years studying sharks. click here to read the story 15:26

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