“Fish Wars” or a Regime Shift in Ocean Governance? Nils E. Stolpe

The reasons for Big Oil’s (now more accurately Big Energy’s) focus on fisheries – and on demonizing fishing and fishermen – has been fairly obvious since a coalition of fishermen and environmentalists successfully stopped energy exploration on Georges Bank in the early 80s. Using a handful of ocean oriented ENGOs as their agents, the Pew Charitable Trusts and other “charitable” trusts funded a hugely expensive campaign that the domestic fishing industry is still suffering from, but that campaign has paid off handsomely to the entities that participated in or funded it.,,  If anyone wonders why one of the founders of Microsoft might be interested in supporting research by Daniel Pauly, from an article in the NY Times last week,,, and retired admiral and Chairman of the Board of the U.S. Naval Institute James G. Stavridis had a column in the September 14 Washington Post titled The Fishing Wars Are Coming. click here to read the article 14:48

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  1. DickyG says:

    Another excellent analysis by Nils Stolpe. In this overview he points out the factors behind the dismantling of the domestic fishing industry. It ain’t just oil and wind anymore, now we have Microsoft, Apple, Google, added to the list of “ocean threat/saviors”, namely Gates, Allen, Moore, and I’m sure Musk and Zuckerberg can’t be far behind. They are engineering their marketing to secure the general public’s acceptance of the high-tech-mania indoctrination of “…we can (and will) do anything we set our brilliant (but myopic) techy robot minds to”.
    Oh yes, and with enough continuous marketing to sustain the addiction to a universe of e-gizmos and e-autos (not to mention generating the massive electrical power to run them), we superior e-techies will all get even more e-rich and wind up saving/running the world—so please, hurry and invest in us!. And all this without a trace of awareness concerning the consequences of eliminating the not-so-techy-or-filthy-rich “indigenous little peoples”, you know, the fishermen/farmer food producers and the like… Brilliant!

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