Convicted Newfoundland skipper wants trial reopened-was found guilty last month of trying to throw a female crew member overboard

A Corner Brook judge has agreed to hear a local’s skipper’s application to reopen his trial, even though he has already convicted the skipper of trying to throw a female crew member overboard. Trent John White was convicted last month of aggravated assault, assault and damage to property in connection with incidents that occurred while he was skipper of a commercial fishing vessel participating in the 2017 turbot fishery. The 65-foot vessel had left Rocky Harbour for the Labrador Sea near Red Bay to take part in the fishery that summer. In the Strait of Belle Isle, White tried to throw the woman — who was also his girlfriend — overboard. Provincial court Judge Wayne Gorman declared White guilty after a trial, saying he had found White’s evidence to be purposely disingenuous, dishonest at times, unreliable, incredible and fanciful. >click to read<18:44

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