S.O.S. Howie Carr, New Bedford Needs You – “we need to get a message to Trump.”

Richard Canastra a member of the Massachusetts Governor’s Seaport Advisory Council, the New Bedford Economic Development Council, and the New Bedford Council on Commercial Fishing tells me U.S. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey, both Democrats, have done zilch on a range of important issues critical to the industry, from funding of mandatory government monitoring to outdated data used to determine the strength of fishing stocks. Canstra says “we need to get a message to Trump.” Since Warren and Markey are completely ambivalent to the needs of the fishing community and refuse to speak with the president,,, >click to read<  17:41

4 Responses to S.O.S. Howie Carr, New Bedford Needs You – “we need to get a message to Trump.”

  1. Joel Hovanesian says:

    Empty suit politicians. Yup, big story here. This industry doesn’t carry enough votes for them to give two s#!+$ about it. SSDD

  2. Edwin Chiofolo says:

    We Need to stop the Wind Farms as well….
    they are insufficient and destructive to the ocean in many way…

  3. Sam Parisi says:

    Yes our senators could do more ,but in defense of Markey and Warren I ask them to surport two bills A S132 By senator Sullivan taking the SKG money out of NOAA hands and to vote in favor of Congressman Young bill to update the Magnonson Act .Also they are in favor of the Mass Lobster Assocation to lift the band of fishing of Cape Cod .And Trump has done nothing to help our fisherman .So I will stay on top of our issues and inform our senators ,The bottom line is if we unite they will fight for us .Thank s Sam Parisi

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