On eve of lobster season, fishermen worry about low prices and high costs

Glace Bay harbour was a busy spot on Thursday, with lobster fishermen loading traps in preparation for setting day on Friday. It’s a time that is usually much anticipated among fishermen, but not this year. “I would say we’re going to lose 40 to 50 percent from last year to this year,” said Herb Nash. Nash has been a fisherman for more than 30 years and says he hasn’t seen prices this low since the seventies. “I don’t think our fishery is going to last two months anyway,” he said. “I think if we get two or three weeks out of it. They’re not going to be able to sell the lobster or prices are going to be that low, we’re not going to be able to afford it. We’re paying $1.25 pound for bait and we’re getting $5 dollars for lobster.” >click to read< 21:59

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