Please, Donate if You Can to the San Francisco fishing fleet fire recovery fund

An early morning fire destroyed Pier 45, Shed C on May 23. While we were fortunate not to lose any lives in this tragedy, San Francisco fishing men & women have lost millions of dollars in fishing gear. We are asking for any help you can give at this time. Donated funds will be used to reequip fishing businesses with the gear necessary to continue working and bringing fresh seafood to San Francisco. As a community, we have lost approximately 2/3 of the capacity to harvest the fresh seafood that is delivered to San Francisco and the essence of our livelihoods. Crab traps and salmon tanks and hydraulic blocks and herring nets and buoys and black cod traps and shrimp traps and replacement transmissions and spare parts and tools and extra propellers and forklifts and and… and… please, >click to read<, and donate if you can! The Crab Boat Owners Association is organizing this fundraiser. 23:30

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