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Families continue search for three missing fishermen

Chris Barlow has learned more in the past few weeks about the flow of ocean currents and how search and rescue operations work than he ever wanted to know. But the desperate hunt for his missing son and two other men who left Oct. 14 aboard the Carol Ann commercial fishing boat has forced Barlow and the families of the other men to continue the search on their own. Chris Barlow and the families of the other men aboard the Carol Ann refused to give up and have funded their own search, which continued Tuesday as a plane flew over eddies identified on the western edge of the Gulf Stream off shore north of Savannah in the Carolinas and up into Virginia. His hope is that data collected by the flight will shed some light on what may have happened to the fishing boat. >>click to read<< 11:47

F/V Carol Ann: Girlfriend of missing Georgia fisherman announces pregnancy as private search efforts continue

Stevie Conway, the girlfriend to missing fisherman Caleb Wilkinson, has publicly announced that she’s four months pregnant as the search continues for Wilkinson, her brother Dalton Conway and their friend Tyler Barlow. The three men were reported missing off the coast of Brunswick on Oct. 21 when the owner of the boat they were on grew concerned after the vessel failed to return on time. With the Coast Guard search suspended, the families of the three men are using other resources to search. They started a GoFundMe last week to fund private pilots and planes to look for them and managed to get Rep. Steven Sainz to enlist the help of the Cajun Navy, a non-profit that organizes search and rescue teams during national disasters. >>click to read<< 13:52

Benefit to support Orr’s Island lobsterman

Orr’s Island lobsterman Mark Wilson suffered a stroke recently while at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. He received immediate care but remains hospitalized at Mass General. Wilson is well known in the Harpswell fishing community and a regular supplier of lobster to a variety of businesses, including Cook’s Lobster and Ale House on Bailey Island. To support Wilson and his family in their time of need, Cook’s, in partnership with the Orr’s and Bailey Islands Fire Department, will hold a benefit dinner on Tuesday, March 7. >click to read< for details with access to the gofundme page. 07:37

GoFundMe and the Nag’s Head Light: How Crowdfunding Has Become The Latest Battleground Over Free Speech

GoFundMe’s suspension of millions to support protesting truckers in Canada shocked many, particularly when the company initially announced its intention to distribute the money to other charities.,, In the Carolinas, locals would sometimes tie a lantern under the head of a horse to lure ships to their doom. Thinking the light was a ship in deep water, the ships would unwittingly sail into the shore rocks where they would be stripped of their cargo. That is how the resort town Nag’s Head, North Carolina got its name. GoFundMe is the ultimate Nag’s Head operation. >click to read< 10:18 Our pages of GoFundMe fundraisers here, >click to read<

Florida governor to investigate GoFundMe over Canada trucker donations

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said on Saturday it was fraud for GoFundMe to “commandeer” $9 million in donations sent to support protesting truckdrivers in Canada and that he will investigate what he called “deceptive practices” by the website. GoFundMe took down the so-called Freedom Convoy’s page on Friday, saying it violated its terms of service. It said donors had two weeks to request a refund, then remaining funds would be disbursed to “credible and established charities.” >click to read< 11:44

Fisherman’s lobster boat sinks in Southwest Harbor

Wednesday, Dec. 22, was a disappointing day for local fisherman Nahum Kelley. It was the day that his lobster boat sank in Southwest Harbor. On Monday morning, Curry had Charles Bradley Marine Construction use its barge to salvage the boat, which was still on its mooring in Southwest Harbor. The boat was then brought to the Hinckley Company boatyard, where it was removed with a travel lift. >click to read< A GoFundMe has been set up, Kelly Family Support Fund, >click here<, and please, donate if you can!

Fundraiser established for a man that lost his shrimp boat on Thanksgiving Day

McClellanville, S.C., Hello all, My name is Pressley Kellum, Noe Kellum’s daughter. November 25th, 2021, Thanksgiving Day; my dad left his boat for an hour and a half to have dinner with family friends. Everything was fine before he left and he had no concerns about his boat while he was gone. However, just within that hour he went back to the dock to get something for a friend and that’s when he walked upon every shrimpers fear. >click to read<, and please donate if you can. 15:46

Capsized boat out of Pigeon Cove; GoFundMe started for replacement

After 19 days, F/V Lady M, the capsized fishing vessel at Pigeon Cove, has been brought to shore. The boat, owned by local fisherman Chris Wayrynen, broke free from its mooring and sank during a nor’easter in late October. On Saturday morning, Wayrynen’s diver friend, Andy Arnold, attached inflatables to the bottom of the sunken ship. With the boat raised, crews with Locke Crane Services of Tewksbury were able to pull it out of the water and place it on the Rockport Tool Company site. Wayrynen’s girlfriend, Michelle Testa, started a GoFundMe page to help raise money to pay for pulling the Lady M out of the cove and for a new boat. >click to read<  Help, Storm Swamped Vessel. – Hello, my name is Michelle and I am fundraising for Chris Wayrynen. Chris suffered a tremendous loss on October 26 when his boat the LADY -M sank during a major Nor Easter. >click to read< and please donate if you can! 09:10

Want to join us in making a difference? A Fundraiser for F/V Miss Kim. Any donation will help make an impact.

“We are grateful to be alive” said Skipper Freeman. What could have been a devastating day for our community ended  by the Fishermen being rescued. Unfortunately, the vessel has been declared a total loss. Shem Creek Fisheries is asking our local community to once again come together and show support.  >click to read, and please donate if you can< Any donation will help make an impact. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to our community. 11:00

Haley Goreham has organized a fundraiser for Lobsterman Andrew Saulnier and his family

As most of you know, Andrew got into a bad accident on the boat today well working. Andrew has a 2 year old daughter as well as a 3 year old step son with a baby boy on the way. Andrew has had 2 surgeries today, one was to amputate his left leg and the other surgery was try to rebuild his right leg. He also had to have surgery on his stomach, he will be having another surgery on his ear as well as his fingers. The doctors are still unsure of the outcome with the second leg. Andrew is stable and is on ventilator for now they will hopefully try to lower sedation within the days to come.  Andrew has a very long road ahead of him. Andrew brought in the money for his family. There will be lots of travelling to and from the city. This money will be used for Medical expenses, food, gas and whatever else them or Andrew may need in the time to come,,, Thank you so much, >click to read, and please, donate if you can<. 09:10

Obituary: Captain Travis L. Thorbjornson, beloved husband, father, grandfather and son

Travis Lee Thorbjornson, beloved husband, father, grandfather and son, perished at sea tragically Friday, March 26, 2021 in Port Clyde. Born in Rockland, August 12, 1966, he was the son of Edward and Jacqueline (Kaler) Thorbjornson. Once you met Travis, it did not take long to realize that he was just as beautiful on the inside as he was on the outside. Travis met the love of his life, Renée Olsavick. They were married,,, Together, they would go on to raise three beautiful children in their Thomaston home. As a young man, Travis began his fishing career working with his brothers on the family owned fishing fleet. >click to read<  Travis Thorbjornson Family Support Fund – The funds collected will be given to Renee for funeral and living expenses to support her and Travis’s family as they mourn the loss of such an amazing man. >click to read< and please give if you can. 07:49

More than $200K raised for families of fishermen lost aboard the F/V Chief William Saulis

More than $200,000 have been raised to provide monetary donations to the families of the fishers who went missing off the coast of Delaps Cove, N.S., according to Full Bay Scallop Association and Yarmouth Sea Products. The association set up ‘The Chief William Saulis Benevolent Fund Trust’ in December of last year with funds raised through a GoFundMe page and contributions from the vessel owners and other members of the association following the tragic incident. The association said that contributions can be made to the account at any branch of the credit union, and will cover the following expenses: >click to read< 07:14

A Fundraiser for Commercial Fisherman Todd Chase – Supporting Chase Family

Please support my sister and her boys after the tragic loss of Todd Chase, beloved husband, father, and friend to so many. Todd Chase was among the four local fishermen on the Coastal Reign that capsized 2/20 in Garibaldi, OR. His body was recovered on the jetty rocks. One of the best men in this world was lost too soon yesterday evening. He is survived by his wife Angie Chase, his four boys, Zach, Cord, Bowen, and Brayden Chase. He also had so many family and friends in Oregon. He will be deeply missed. Jacque Jacobsen is organizing this fundraiser  >click to read, and please donate if you can< 08:04

A Fundraiser to Support Zach & Darby

It is with a heavy heart that we let everyone know about our dear friend Zach. We lost the most amazing man yesterday doing what he loved the absolute most. He took his last trip on the F/V Coastal Reign and now he is fishing with God. We lost an amazing soul just 5 days before his 42nd birthday. He loved what he did,,, Zachs other half Darby is with close family and friends at this time.  Zach was the main financial support in their home. Jasmine Sleutel is organizing this fundraiser. >click to read, and please, donate if you can<. 13:55

A Fundraiser by Lawauna Cappa – Westport Fisherman loses livelihood & home at sea

This morning my brother Matt Finley and his crew left the Westport dock with f/v Terry F loaded with crab pots to finally begin the crab season.,, The fishing vessel began taking on water and sinking.,,, I am tearful writing this with the thoughts of how things could have gone. I am thankful that my brother, his two crewmen, and his dog were all rescued. The fishing vessel is a loss…it was Matt’s livelihood and his home. >>click to read< and please, donate if you can! 11:30

Please Contribute to Chief William Saulis Families Fund

Charles “Hot Dog” Roberts, Leonard “Layback Lenny” Gabriel, Aaron Cogswell, Eugene “Geno” Francis, Dan Forbes, Mike Drake. These six men were tragically lost while returning to port from a trip fishing for scallops aboard the Chief William Saulis on the morning of December 15th 2020. So far, only Mike Drake’s body has been recovered. Any funds collected from this GoFundMe will be added to that account and will then be provided to the families of these men. Please >click to read< and donate if you can. Fundraiser organizer is Alain D’Entremont. Thank you, Alain. 22:14

An Fundraiser – Help for the Family of Mike Drake of Fortune, NL

Mike Drake at the age of 48 from Fortune, NL was among the crew of six on the Chief William Saulis, a scallop dragger, that sank in the Bay of Fundy this past Tuesday, December 15, 2020.  Mike’s body was recovered late Tuesday from the frigid waters off the coast of southwestern Nova Scotia.   At this time Mike remains at a funeral home in Nova Scotia while he awaits a flight home to Newfoundland to be returned to his family who are all anxiously awaiting  for his arrival back home to give him a proper burial and hopefully give the family some closure to this great tragedy and loss.  >click to read the rest<, and, please! Donate if you can. Thank you Joan Caines 20:56

Friends and family raise nearly $100,000 for F/V Emmy Rose fishermen lost at sea – Please donate if you can.

A campaign to help the families of four fishermen lost at sea last week was approaching $100,000 Sunday night. The fundraising effort on the for-profit crowd funding platform called GoFundMe had raised just over $95,000 to ease the financial burdens of the four crewmen’s families. The Portland-based fishing vessel F/V Emmy Rose sank off the coast of Massachusetts during the early morning hours of Nov. 23. The fishermen who lost their lives at sea have been identified as (Captain) Robert Blethen Jr. of Georgetown, Jeff Matthews of Portland, Ethan Ward of Pownal, and Mike Porper of Gloucester, Massachusetts. >click to read< 10:18

There are four gofundme pages our readers should be aware of for the Families of F/V Emmy Rose>click to read<

There are four gofundme pages our readers should be aware of for the Families of F/V Emmy Rose

We have four gofundme pages to post for review,  and the first is Rosalee Varian’s fundraiser, Supporting FV EmmyRose fishermen’s families. F/V EmmyRose four fishermen’s families – We have set up this page to support the families of the F/V EmmyRose and to ease their financial burden. The F/V EmmyRose sank early Monday morning, November 23, off the Massachusetts coast. >click to read<, and please donate if you can.13:28

Celebrating Ethan’s Life – Patricia Donahue is organizing this fundraiser, It’s with heavy hearts we start to find a way to navigate this road of grief that we have been dropped on. Ethan Matthew Ward was a hard worker, a loving father, dedicated boyfriend, an honest friend, and man any family member could be proud of. He fought his own demons but never let them define him. He pushed himself to be better and do better for his family, >click to read< and please donate if you can.

Ashley Gross and Michael Porper – Graham Hults is organizing this fundraiser, Of her crew was a Michael Porper, who is the love of Ashley Gross, a lifelong resident of Peaks Island. Ashley and Michael are the parents of Grace, their daughter. This fund is being established to provide support for Ashley and her daughter. >click to read<, and please donate if you can.

Funeral service expenses Jeff Matthews – Jeff Jmath is organizing this fundraiser. Jeff Matthews lost his life at sea. Doing what he loved to do, fishing. He spent his life out on boats, working hard. There isn’t a person that knows him that wouldn’t tell you he was one of the hardest workers they have met.  >click to read<, and please donate if you can.

A Fundraiser for New Hampshire Lobsterman Juan Peralta-Martinez

Juan suddenly passed away on 11/09/20. He is survived by his wife Katerina and his two young boys. Juan was a lobsterman and was new to the industry, but that didn’t stop him. He lobstered as much as he could when he wasn’t being a role model for his two sons. We are raising this money for Juan’s family to help support them in this time as well as cover funeral costs We appreciate any donation and would like to thank you in advance! Anything over our goal will go to Juan’s two boys for there college fund! >click to read, and please donate if you can<08:26

A Fundraiser: Memorial Expenses for Sig and Helen Decker

On July 28, Julie and Gig Decker learned that they lost both their children, Helen and Sig Decker in a car accident in Petersburg, Alaska. Helen was 19 and Sig was 21. Although both were born and raised in Wrangell, Helen and Sig were in Petersburg fishing side-by-side for the summer to help pay for college. This unimaginable loss comes during an already challenging time. The initial $10,000 in funds raised will go towards funeral costs and related expenses. We are looking to raise $50,000 to fund the rest of the brand new Wrangell Mariner’s Memorial where Helen and Sig will be the first names on the wall. Additional funds raised after that will be used to start a Memorial Scholarship Fund,,, >click to read, and, please donate if you can<21:17

A Fundraiser for The Men of St. Lawrence

Right now they’re is one beautiful woman who has lost her husband, son, and nephew in this tragedy. 3 other woman won’t get to see they’re husbands walk through the door. 6 kids have to grow up with out the support of they’re dads. So as I sit here thinking of my dear friend Scott and all the others, I can’t help but want to try and support they’re families as much as I can,,, Chris Cusick. >click to read< , and please, donate if you can! Thank you

Please, Donate if You Can to the San Francisco fishing fleet fire recovery fund

An early morning fire destroyed Pier 45, Shed C on May 23. While we were fortunate not to lose any lives in this tragedy, San Francisco fishing men & women have lost millions of dollars in fishing gear. We are asking for any help you can give at this time. Donated funds will be used to reequip fishing businesses with the gear necessary to continue working and bringing fresh seafood to San Francisco. As a community, we have lost approximately 2/3 of the capacity to harvest the fresh seafood that is delivered to San Francisco and the essence of our livelihoods. Crab traps and salmon tanks and hydraulic blocks and herring nets and buoys and black cod traps and shrimp traps and replacement transmissions and spare parts and tools and extra propellers and forklifts and and… and… please, >click to read<, and donate if you can! The Crab Boat Owners Association is organizing this fundraiser. 23:30

Assistance for family of fallen Maine fisherman Christopher Pinkham – A fundraiser by Jennifer Adams

Christopher Pinkham passed tragically on, January 23,2020, when the fishing vessel he was working on capsized off the Maine coast. He leaves behind his loving wife and two beautiful young daughters. Chris worked incredibly hard to support his family. We are trying to ease the financial burden of his end of life expenses, and hopefully raise some extra funds to support the family’s immediate financial needs. >click here to read<, and please donate if you can. Thank you. 20:38

A Fundraiser for the Nickerson Family – Assistance for family of fallen Maine Captain

Arnold Nickerson IV, known by most as Joe Nickerson tragically passed away when his fishing vessel the Hayley Ann capsized on January 23, 2020. Joe was a fourth generation lobsterman and Joe has over 50 year experience on the water. He was a loving son, husband, father, and grandfather. We are trying to ease the financial burden of his end of life expenses, and hopefully raise some extra funds to support the family’s immediate financial needs. We appreciate any contribution. Love the Nickerson Family, >click here to read<, and please donate if you can. Thank you. 20:38

Michael Orr and Justin Barisich are organizing this fundraiser to Help Raise the F/V Peruga

The two worst dangers facing a commercial fisherman is sinking and fire. Tuesday January 7 George Barisich and Robert Campo Jr. were shrimping on the F/V Peruga in Lake Borgne. By the grace of God, some level headed actions and a rescue from the coast guard both men escaped unharmed.,, Please consider donating whatever you can to help with the cost of salvaging and removing the wreckage and some seed money to get another boat. It would truly be a defeat if George is not back on these waters doing what he does best, catching seafood.  >click to read< , and please donate if you can. La. commercial fishing leader’s boat burns, sinks before he goes to DC to advocate for fishermen>click to read< 15:36

Family loses livelihood, launches fundraiser to recover from shrimp boat fire

Days after a fire sank two boats in the St. Johns River, the owner of the Triton II set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for the removal and recovery of the boat. “I’d like to personally thank everybody for just the love and support,” said Cristopher Thompson, the owner’s son. “My families very humble and grateful.” “It’s a tragic loss,” said Thompson. “It’s a huge financial loss for them. >click to read<  To visit the GoFundMe page, and please donate if you can!  >click here< 15:07

This tragedy was unimaginable for us, like it is for all fishing families’ — Alisha Marques, sister of lost New Bedford fisherman Mark P. Cormier Jr.

Coping with a tragedy “unimaginable for us, like it is for all fishing families,” Alisha Marques, the sister of Mark P. Cormier Jr., has started a GoFundMe page in honor of her brother and “lost fishermen.” Cormier, 35, is one of three crew members lost at sea Sunday after the New Bedford-based scalloper F/V Leonardo went down in churning waters off Martha’s Vineyard. >Click to read< Please >click here to donate< in the memory of Mark Cormier. 06:36

A Fundraiser for Commercial Fisherman Frank Pruitt, Organized by Lisa Lewis

Frank Pruitt who will turn 62 on October 27th. He has been a commercial fisherman all of his life and with being a commercial fisherman there are no benefits . He has recently been diagnosed with spindle cell carcinoma lung cancer. It is a very very rare form of cancer of the lungs. There is absolutely nothing the doctors can do for him. He has no health insurance being a commercial fisherman. Please, Donate if you can. >click to read< 15:16

Acclaimed cinematographer in critical condition after motorcycle crash

Doug Stanley, a father of three and Emmy-award-winning cinematographer, is in critical condition after he was hit head-on by a drunk driver while riding his motorcycle Sept. 9 in Auburn. Son Jett, who was a passenger on the motorcycle, was knocked unconscious and suffered a hairline fracture in his foot. While Stanley is best known for his work on “Deadliest Catch,” the Auburn resident is also a pillar of the community donating his time to help salmon restoration in the American River and speaking at local events. >click to read<  12:07

Doug Stanley: Father of 3 in Critical Condition>click to donate if you can!<