‘Window dressing’: Sealord criticized for efforts to hire Kiwis

Sealord is being accused of not making a genuine effort to employ New Zealanders to work on the two Russian-owned trawlers it charters. An ad in October told prospective employees on the two Russian trawlers, they would be doing “the same repetitive task” the “entire time” they were out at sea. Compare that to an ad for a place on one of the seven trawlers it owned that were mostly crewed by New Zealanders. No monotonous work without end on these vessels. Instead it proclaimed “no two days are ever the same”, talked of fishing trips with the equivalent amount of time off, on full pay, once you got back to shore. There were “three delicious meals a day” (the Russian trawlers also supplied meals but there was no mention of how good they were), a free flu jab and free internet access while at sea. >click to read< 17:28

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