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Greenpeace wins permission to take UK government to court over fish quotas

The UK High Court has given the green light for a full judicial review into whether the UK fishing quota allocation system is unlawful under new European law. The government has given out fishing quota in largely the same way since the mid-90s. About 95% of the fishing quota is awarded to the larger end of the fleet, most notably domestic and foreign controlled industrial fishing businesses – such as the vessel Cornelis Vrolijk – which we previously exposed. It’s symbolic of just how broken the system is. (Breaks in text are links that open in new windows) Read the rest here 21:52

Manatee History Matters: Female fishermen of early Cortez

cortez girlThe early fishermen who settled Cortez used skipjacks, or shallow draft sail boats, to bring in their commercial catch. Their nets were made of natural fibers that were heavy when wet and required treatment and drying between uses. Their work was demanding and sometimes dangerous, but they persevered. What you may not know is that some of these hard-working fishermen were women. (And yes, they referred to themselves as fishermen, regardless of their gender.) Read the rest here 20:16

Bumble Bee Foods, 2 others charged after employee died in pressure cooker

On Oct. 11, 2012, Jose Melena, 62, entered a 35-foot oven at the company’s Santa Fe Springs plant to make a repair inside the machine, which is used to sterilize thousands of cans of tuna at a time. Unaware that Melena was inside the oven, other plant workers loaded several carts that altogether held about 12,000 pounds of tuna, shut the door and turned on the oven, prosecutors said. In a statement, the company said it disagrees with and is “disappointed by the charges” filed by Los Angeles prosecutors. Read the rest here  photo 18:53

PInks are out competing sockeye salmon for food at sea, report says

Growing numbers of pink salmon are out competing sockeyes for food in the ocean, causing the reds to grow slower and smaller. That’s the claim of a new study by Seattle and British Columbia researchers, who say the race for food ultimately affects sockeye abundance and survival. Greg Ruggerone is a senior scientist at Natural Resources Consultants in Seattle and study co-author. He says it was aimed originally at finding causes for declining sockeye runs at British Columbia’s Fraser River in 2009. Audio, Read the rest here 18:34

Jeff Davis: Peabody deal is ‘platform’ for more scallop vessel buy-outs

The deal by Bregal Partners and other investors for US scallop fishing firm Peabody will be a platform for more vessel acquisitions in the sector, said Jeff Davis, who will be CEO of the new company. On April 23, former American Seafoods International and Baader North America CEO Davis confirmed the buyout of Peabody and its eight scallop vessels, which is being renamed Blue Harvest Fisheries. Read the rest here  17:02

Survey shows number of blue crabs in Chesapeake Bay rising

blue crabAn annual survey by marine officials shows a significant increase in the number of blue crabs in the Chesapeake Bay. The Virginia Marine Resources Commission says the overall bay-wide crab population increased from 297 million crabs to 411 million crabs, a 38 percent increase. The long, cold winter kept the numbers from being higher. The survey shows about 28 percent of all adult crabs in Maryland died due to the cold weather. Read the rest here 16:25


Sea Shepherd attorneys to attend Makah whaling meeting next Wednesday in Port Angeles

A legal team from the Sea Shepherd Screwball Society will be among the activists at a public meeting Wednesday, April 29 who’ll oppose the Makah tribe’s campaign to resume whaling. The Owens head Peninsula Citizens for the Protection of Whales. They argue that the federal Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 is “the whales’ treaty with the government.” It bans the killing of whales. For their part, the Makah argue that they reserved the right to hunt whales and seals when they signed the . Read the rest here   15:11

Always Top Quality! Your Seafreeze Ltd. Preferred Price List for APRIL 27, 2015

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Bob Fraumeni beats the odds fishing the Pacific

bob-fraumeniBob Fraumeni gazes out the window at the vibrant float homes and fishing vessels docked at Fisherman’s Wharf and beyond to the wind-tossed waves of the Inner Harbour. “I’ve been scrumbling around down there since I was about 10,” says Fraumeni, owner of Finest At Sea, a leading provider of wild seafood on the West Coast. “For some reason, I’ve had this incredible desire to find out what was in the water. I remember at the age of four, all I wanted to do was go fishing.” Read the rest here 14:05

A five-year failure – Jes Hathaway, Editor in Chief, National Fisherman

jessica hathawayCatch share programs have been heralded in all corners of the country, first by NGOs and second by some of the fleet owners, fishermen and processors to whom they have brought success.The counterbalance to those claims of success are of course the thousands of voices of fishermen and many more thousands of supporting small businesses put out of work as a result of catch share programs. But even worse, at least one catch share program was implemented with such haste,,, Read the rest here 11:27

3-Minute Market Insight – Rockfish Market Update: Prices, Inventories, Fresh vs Frozen Markets

Bad weather kept boats at the docks, drying up both fresh and frozen inventories. The fresh market for Rockfish fillets is 40 cents higher than frozen products with much less labour, so processors are leaning towards the fresh market right now. Pacific Rockfish Inventories will Strengthen as the Market Floods with Fresh Products. Watch the video here 11:12

P.E.I. Lobster season opening under discussion

Officials from the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans will be on a conference call with fishermen in the region Monday to update the start of the lobster fishing season. On Thursday DFO decided to delay the April 30 opening of the spring lobster fishery due to ice in many harbours. No new date for the opening was set. That is expected to be discussed on the conference call. Read the rest here 10:35

Jake’s Story: The Art on Ellefson Dock

The art of hand repairing fishing nets is something every commercial fishing family used to know, when the fishing industry dominated small Washington Island, north of Door County. Today, one man is keeping that tradition alive. As Jake Ellefson looks at himself through an artists eyes he says, “man, I didn’t think I looked quite that bad!” The 88-year old is looking at paintings that capture Jake’s upholding of tradition; hand repairing fishing nets. Read the rest here 10:13

Ventura County Commercial Fishermen’s Assn. founder Pete Dupuy dies at 79; vocal opponent of commercial fishing regulations

On Dec. 7, 1973, San Fernando Valley motorcycle salesman Pete Dupuy took off in his Cessna plane to meet a couple of friends at a camping area in Mexico. Exactly what happened there became a matter of bitter dispute, but Dupuy’s airplane ended up riddled with bullet holes,,, Dupuy, who for the last several decades headed a commercial fishing operation based in Ventura and was a vocal opponent of government regulations on the industry, died April 16 at his home in Tarzana. He was 79. Read the rest here 07:46