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‘Wicked Tuna’ experiences ‘Big Hauls and Downfalls’

33d92ae6df07e373df058a5e128c3951On last week’s episode of “Wicked Tuna,” the fishermen of Gloucester, Massachusetts are in the hunt once again. As the competition to catch the biggest and largest quantity of their prize bluefin tuna, they may often have a fish on the line for hours, only to lose it when it pulls the hook or the line snaps. See what other troubles befall these warriors on this episode titled, “Big Hauls and Downfalls.” Video, read the rest here 19:30

Pacific Fishery Management Council considers closing ocean salmon seasons due to projected poor coho returns

Poor forecasts for returning coho salmon are prompting state and tribal fishery managers to consider closing all salmon fisheries in Washington’s ocean waters this year as part of a federal season-setting process for the West Coast. State, tribal and federal fishery managers have developed three options for non-treaty ocean salmon fisheries that reflect the anticipated low coho returns. Two options would permit some salmon fishing this year, but one would close recreational and commercial ocean fisheries for. Those alternatives were approved Sunday for public review by the Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC), which establishes fishing seasons in ocean waters three to 200 miles off the Pacific coast. A public hearing on the three alternatives for ocean salmon fisheries is scheduled for March 28 in Westport. Read the rest here 14:17

Alaska pushes back on Arctic plan with Canada

Alaska’s leaders in Juneau and Congress had harsh words for a joint March 10 statement from the White House and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announcing plans for new emissions caps on the oil and gas industry and preservation of significant chunks territory in each country’s Arctic. The statement was released as Trudeau made the first official visit by a Canadian prime minister to the White House in nearly two decades. Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan and Gov. Bill Walker all noted the omission of Alaska in drafting the 10-page agreement in formal statements of their own. The sentiment is similar to comments made following the president’s three-day visit to Alaska last summer, which was used as a vehicle to promote his climate change policies. Read the rest here 12:41

“Mushing to save Bristol Bay” – Set netter with a mission hits the Iditarod Trail

articleimg_full mushing for bristol bayIn summer months, Monica Zappa is hard at work with fishing partner Tim Osmar, working his set net site at Kasilof on the Kenai Peninsula for sockeye salmon. In winter months, the couple, who live off the grid in the Peninsula’s Caribou Hills, are mushing dogs. Since 2012 they have been mushing for a cause they care deeply about, protecting the salmon and salmon habitat of Bristol Bay from the dangers of large scale mines. When Zappa set out on her third Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race at Willow on March 6, a banner proclaiming “clean water, wild salmon” was affixed to her sled. Read the rest here 09:54

Gloucester Fresh campaign lands a big one!

56e5e67eb6a91.imageThe city’s Gloucester Fresh seafood marketing efforts have landed the city a major commercial partner. The Ninety Nine Restaurant & Pub group, with 105 restaurants across New England and into upstate New York, will be featuring Gloucester-landed haddock on its spring menus. The agreement for the family restaurant chain to feature Gloucester seafood was announced Monday by Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken and Ninety Nine President Charlie Noyes at a Gloucester House luncheon for more than 75 seafood buyers and processors who were visiting the city to tour Gloucester’s fishing infrastructure. Read the rest here 09:46

Royal Greenland CEO: North Atlantic fishing sector needs more consolidation

Royal Greenland’s acquisition of Quin-Sea Fisheries of Canada is a movement in the right direction for the consolidation of the North Atlantic seafood sector, said the former’s CEO. On Friday, Royal Greenland confirmed the government of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, where Quin-Sea is based, has approved production licenses to operate the Canadian firm’s plants. This was the last pending condition for the deal, meaning it will now complete. Read the rest here 08:24

Active scallop fishermen not pleased with court decision that brought the inactive harvesters out of the woodwork.

image scallop harvestersThat’s the message a group of active scallop harvesters is hoping to make public after a court case involving their union and other scallop license holders concluded two weeks ago. Walsh confirmed there were likely going to be relationships broken and friendships ruined over this decision. But he felt the only way to be fair was to share the money with those actively fishing since they’re the ones losing the area. Gibbons backed him on that, saying the license holders were piggybacking off those who make a living in the industry. “I’ll work for what I get,” he said. “I always did. If I don’t work for it, I don’t deserve it.” Read the rest here 07:56