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Madelinot elected officials concerned about the situation of LA Renaissance transformer

The mayor of the Magdalen Islands, Jonathan Lapierre, and the provincial deputy, Joël Arseneau, claim to have questioned the Quebec Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, André Lamontagne, about pay that the processor LA Renaissance would not have given to 67 lobster fishermen. business with the lobster fishermen amounts to a minimum of $3.7 million for their last two weeks of fishing. LA Renaissance has two processing plants in the archipelago, in Gros-Cap and Grande-Entrée. It processes and markets various products, including lobster, snow crab and scallops. >click to read< 17:33

Trudeau launches expanded oceans protection plan, with aim to reach more regions

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced new details about the federal government’s $3.5-billion plan to protect the oceans and boost coast guard facilities on the world’s longest national coastline. In its most recent budget, the government pledged to add $2 billion over nine years to the $1.5 billion already set aside for ocean protection. Speaking at a news conference on Bowen Island, B.C., Trudeau said the government had now launched an extended version of the Oceans Protection Plan. Initiatives already funded by the program include the opening of six coast guard stations in British Columbia and Newfoundland and Labrador, establishing an Indigenous-led coast guard auxiliary in B.C., the restoration of coastal aquatic habitats, and the removal and disposal of hundreds of abandoned boats. >click to read< 15:56

Athearn Marine Agency Boat of the Week: 68′ Desco Dragger, Cat 3408 (2022 Complete/Major rebuild) with Permits

To review specifications, information, and 64 photos’, and video tour, >click here<, To see all the boats in this series >click here< 13:48

SEA-NL: Fish price-setting ‘fiasco’; minister did not refer complaint to labour board

Seaward Enterprises Association of Newfoundland and Labrador says the province’s failure to have reports investigated that some processors may have paid less than the “binding” snow crab price further undermines government’s fish price-setting system. “Paying even one cent less than the binding price undermines government’s pricing system over the entire $1 billion-plus commercial fishing industry,” says Ryan Cleary, SEA-NL’s Executive Director. “Every other day there’s another example of how the fish pricing system in this province has become a fiasco.” Provincial Fisheries Minster Derrick Bragg told at least one enterprise owner late last month the province’s labour relations board was looking into reports that some processors were paying less than the minimum $6.15/lb snow crab price. >click to read< 13:12

Bristol Bay’s sockeye run is already the biggest on record

Bristol Bay’s 2022 sockeye run is now the biggest on record: 69.7 million fish have returned this summer. That surpasses the previous record of 67.7 million fish, which was set last year. Bristol Bay’s commercial fleet hauled in the most fish on record this year. More than 3 million sockeye have swum up the Wood River to spawn in the tributaries around Lake Aleknagik, about 20 miles from Dillingham, according to the state’s counting tower on the river. Sherol Mershon lives along the lake near the head of the river. She owns a bed and breakfast there and has hung commercial fishing nets for 45 years. She said this year’s runs are remarkable. >click to read< 12:10

F/V Lone Star sinks at Fisherman’s Terminal on Tuesday morning

According to Harbormaster Matt Creswell, the fishing boat Lone Star was reported to be sinking at around 5 a.m. “We received a report that there was a vessel sunk at the crane dock between Aurora and Harris harbors, we refer to it as Fisherman’s Terminal,” Creswell said. “Harbor staff responded before 6 a.m. and found the large fishing vessel, a little over 40 feet I believe, named the Lone Star, was completely sunk in the crane docks.” >click to read<

USCG seeks information on vessel leaking oily substance into Alaskan watersThe USCG is seeking info about a vessel photographed July 14, at approximately 4 p.m., in northeastern vicinity of Valdez Narrows. The position on that date is indicated by encircled yellow triangle on the chart below. Photos, >click to read< 10:50

Texas: Local shrimpers stay in the bays catching live bait

Local shrimpers spend their morning in the bays catching shrimp for live bait not for people to eat. “Since Gulf King is gone. Everything started going downhill,” said one local shrimp boat captain. Gulf King Seafood, once called Aransas Pass its home with the largest fleet of Gulf Coast shrimp boats in the United States. Over 20 years ago, Gulf King moved locations. Soon after local shrimpers followed trying to find more opportunities. Now the only place selling gulf shrimp in Aransas Pass is Erikson and Jensen Seafood. Right now, their fleet is stationed in Florida. Catching gulf shrimp from Florida to Texas. Video, >click to read< 09:23

Lobstermen take break from industry worries to race and ‘raise some hell’

Harpswell’s annual lobster boat race returns this Sunday, when Maine lobstermen and fishermen compete in a mile-long, full-throttle boat race for a chance to win a cash prize and bragging rights. “They want everybody else to see what their boats can do. They are all supportive, but competitive,” said race volunteer Mary Coombs. Coombs said the best part as a spectator is to see the lobstermen taking a break from their work and enjoying themselves. “It’s nice to see one day where they aren’t worried about whales, or lines and they just go,” said Coombs. “It’s fun to see them not in their oil gear, but in their bare feet behind the wheel.” >click to read< 08:24