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Todays Nuttery: Rogue Fishing Ops Call for Enforcement Led by U.S. Navy, a Primary Tenet of Global High Seas Marine Preserve

Pressure on coastal fisheries, from overfishing and pollution, is pushing more and more fishing trawlers into the high seas or to illegally poach on territories with no ability to enforcement their 200-mile territorial limits. One of the primary tenets of the Global High Sea Marine Preserve, a non-profit dedicated to saving the oceans founded by Danny Quintana, is to ban industrial fishing in international waters for the United States Navy to take lead role with other maritime forces to enforce the ban. The Law of the Seas Treaty needs to be renegotiated and approved by the United States Senate to facilitate such an eventuality.,, According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List of endangered species, 1,414 species of fish, or 5 percent of the world’s known species, are at risk for extinction. While habitat loss and pollution are significant factors in the decline of these species, the greatest threat by far is overfishing. (wow!) Continue reading the stuff here 11:32

Open Letter to George Soros, Help Us Kill Industrial Fishing

Dear Mr. Soros: The Global High Seas Marine Preserve, when established, will effectively ban industrial and commercial fishing in international waters and thus allow stocks of major marine predators and other species to return in numbers sufficient to permit “some” fishing. My name is Danny Quintana and I conceived of the idea of the GHSMP when writing my latest book, Space & Ocean Exploration: The Alternative to the Military-Industrial Complex. During research for the book I realized how dire the situation of ocean wildlife had become in the last 50 years during a technological boom in the fishing industry and the sushi craze which is still in full swing throughout much of the world. Read the rest here (if you can stand it!) 08:30

Open Letter to Presidential Candidates on Saving the Oceans: Industrial Fishing Must Be Banned to Stave Off Wholesale Disaster

stock-vector-chowderhead-character-with-frown-and-hands-on-hips-176939927Danny Quintana, founder of the Global High Seas Marine Preserve, is making a direct plea to the Presidential Candidates to take up an issue that is vital to the survival of billions around the world. While the job of altering the existence of national life globally to stave off climate change is in full swing, the task that will immediately effect the whole planet, and in real time as we watch, is to stop the practice of industrial fishing in oceans around the world. Here is an Open Letter to the Presidential Candidates from Danny Quintana, whose Global High Seas Marine Preserve Foundation is calling for the immediate cessation of industrial fishing and for U.S. to ratify the Laws of the Seas Treaty and push for amendments with the other signatories. Read it here 10:48