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June 7, 2019 – Small Mesh Trawl Squid Fishery Season Extension

The Director of the Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF) has declared an extension to the season when trawlers may fish with small mesh for squid in certain waters under the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth that are south and west of Cape Cod (Declaration Notice and Permit Conditions). Trawlers may continue to fish within the small mesh squid trawl exempted area, as described at 322 CMR 4.06(1),,, >click to read<21:53

A declaration to close Herring Area 1A – Effort Control Measures for June – September 2019

The Director of the Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF), with the approval of the Marine Fisheries Advisory Commission, has issued a declaration to close the commercial sea herring fishery in Management Area 1A during the period of June 1 – September 30 (Declaration Notice). During this period, it shall be unlawful to fish for, retain or land any sea herring taken from Management Area 1A without explicit authorization from DMF. The 2,000 pound incidental trip limit no longer applies. >click to read<15:50

DMF Rescinds Seasonal Large Whale Trap Gear Closure and Seasonal Speed Limit

Effective tomorrow, commercial and recreational lobstermen may set their trap gear in those waters north and east of Cape Cod that were previously closed to fixed gear. Additionally, boaters operating vessels that are smaller than 65’ over length may operate at a boat speed of greater than 10 knots. We advise that vessel operators continue to operate with caution. Through May 15th, vessels with an overall length of 65’ and greater shall comply with the federal 10 knot speed limit in the waters of Cape Cod Bay (federal rule). >click to read<20:31

Cash catch: Loan program launched for local fisherman – wickedlocal.com

BREWSTER —The Community Development Partnership has been working to provide affordable  housing and to help small businesses get started and keep going for years, but  now it’s dropped anchor in a new field: fishing.The partnership has $250,000 available for loan to small fishermen on Cape  Cod to be used to purchase allocations of groundfish, skate or monkfish. The money came from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  which awarded,,,,,,,, $1 million