As the New Year is on the Horizon, Please consider implementation of a U.S. Fish Bill

Greetings to all commercial fishermen, fish processors, equipment suppliers, politicians, and citizens, that are interested and supportive of creation of a U.S. Fish Bill. I mentioned it in a letter to the editor, Letter: Can a fish bill, like Farm Bill, aid fishermen? on January 9, 2015, and have continued posting about, hoping the idea will gain industry wide support. 

I have tried to get our local politicians to help me draft a U.S Fish Bill, which would serve the U.S Fishing Industry, like the U.S. Farm Bill does for the agriculture industry. I have reached out to my asked U.S. Senators, Senator Ed Markey, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and my Congressman Seth Moulton, all fishing industry political representatives, to help, but get no response.

It’s hard for one person to get they’re attention, and this is why I am asking all commercial fishermen, fish processors, equipment suppliers, politicians, and citizens to support and help formulate the U.S. Bill, which could provide long term financial help from our government during times of crisis and turmoil. The cost could come from duties on fish imports.

One idea I like, we could agree to reduce our catch of what ever species NOAA claims is in danger, while the government would pay us for the value we could potentially lose. What are your idea’s for problem solutions in your fisheries?! Please get this to your political representatives. If you need more info email me, [email protected]

Thank you, Sam Parisi

Gloucester, Mass.