Canadian Independent Redfish Harvesters Trash Minister’s Harvest Plan: Disconnect Has Never Been More Evident

June 7, 2024

JOHN’S, NL – Following the announcement of the Unit 1 Redfish Management Plan and a follow-up to the Redfish Advisory Committee on Wednesday, the 3Pn4R Advisory Committee convened on Thursday night to review the proceedings. The consensus was unanimous in support of a resolution from FFAW President Greg Pretty: “Shred the document and appoint a recovery team including industry experts to ensure we have a plan that can work.”

Earlier this spring, the original announcement made by Minister Lebouthillier gave away nearly 60% of the Canadian redfish quota to the corporate fleet, despite the inshore, owner-operator fleet having taken the lead on science and sustainability measures in recent years. New measures announced this week further limit harvesters by implementing unreasonable seasons, depths, gear, observer coverage, and by-catch rules. The restrictions effectively limit owner-operator participation from the inshore fleet.

“With the seasonal, depth, gear, observer, and by-catch rules in place, there is no redfish fishery – it’s as simple as that,” emphasized 4R Chair and Regional Advisory Committee participant Rendell Genge.

The Committee unanimously agreed that the advisory process must reimplement previous standards for the fishery.

“Right now, you make the effort to prepare and present in an open and transparent manner, and anyone, including those that might not even attend, can provide written submissions afterward. If it’s not stated at the table, then it’s not for consideration!” stated Jason Spingle, Secretary-Treasurer.

FFAW-Unifor will be consulting with the Gulf Coalition and sending a list of industry leaders to the Prime Minister’s Office in Ottawa to protest the decision.

“Minister Lebouthillier and her Department have lost all credibility on this file and that’s why this one must go straight to the top,” concluded Pretty.

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