Good Times

Remember when things were great? Plenty of fish. Plenty of fishing vessels. Money was made, and jobs!
Remember when every fishing port did good?
Boothbay, Portland, Gloucester, Boston. All the way down the coast.
How about back in the sixties the Boston Fleet and the Auction? Still, fishing vessels like the Ohio, Michigan, and the F J O Hara and others, fished and did well.
At the same time the foreign ships were here from Russia and other countries and used small mesh nets that hurt us.
So much that we needed to impose a 200 mile limit!
The good and bad was, yes we got rid of the foreign fleet, but we also created a monster.
NOAA, who now controls our livelihoods, based on NOAA science, and NOAA science only, which is recognized as, by default, the “Best Available Science”.
This must to be changed.
We need an amendment that would require NOAA to include, and in cases of superior science, would require it be considered in all management decisions based on scientific data.
We need to act now! Time is running out! Let us keep our fishermen fishing, utilizing the “All Inclusive Best Available Science..
Thank You, Sam Parisi, Gloucester, Mass.