Saving Fishing Into The Future, Rocky Novello

Most all fishermen in the U.S.A., are having the same problems in fishing which include:
NOAA Fisheries which uses outdated science, and outdated fishing regulations, which should have been changed as our oceans were changing.

The big environmentalist organizations, funded by big oil, who collectively spent hundreds of millions of dollars getting rid of many our fellow commercial fishermen from so many places. They did a great job. Seventy five percent of the commercial fishermen are now gone and I believe recreational fishermen are their next victims. I also believe commercial & recreational fishermen must unite to be able to fish in the future.
Pollution of our coastal waters is major problem and must be addressed now by those very same environmentalists.

Many of our representing politicians are clueless on what’s happening in on our oceans. We need politicians that are willing be educated by their commercial fishing constituents with ocean knowledge, and to learn of their needs in representing them.

We need higher tariffs on all imported seafood. Iceland, as an example, can ship a high quality haddock fillet to Boston, Ma. and sell it at a lower price than a high quality New England day boat caught fish because Iceland subsidizes their fishermen. We need to ban all farm raised seafood from S.E. Asia which is cultivated ln poor sanitation conditions & is only inspected 20% of the time when imported into the United States.

Lack of good fishing help ,which a major problem in all fishing ports except Alaska which has great ocean knowledgeable politicians working for their fishing industry .

Comments from others will appreciated.

Rocky Novello, Massachusetts Commercial Fisherman.