Retailers post prices for Copper River salmon

As commercial harvesters brace for the famed Copper River salmon fishery set to open in mid-May, with indications of a declining run, they’re hoping for the best, forecasts notwithstanding, and aficionados of the oil-rich fish are lining up to order. “It is that time of year when the phone is ringing off the hook for the Copper River season,” said Hilary Branyik at Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle.,, 60° North Seafoods in Cordova has not set its Alaska retail price yet, but for its sales through Sena Sea Seafoods in Washington state the preorder price is $54 a pound for sockeye fillets and $68 a pound for king fillets. >click to read< 12:38

3 Responses to Retailers post prices for Copper River salmon

  1. Kristine Harder says:

    I am so sick of seeing fishermen referred to as harvesters. Fish farmers are harvesters.

    • Joel says:

      How about seafood producers/providers? I’m with you. Kind of like fisher person. They’re fishermen regardless of whether they piss sitting down or standing up! Political correctness sucks!


    Dear Kristine, are you looking at this as a matter of vernacular or rhetoric? Checkout redundant too…
    Fishermen have been harvesters, stewards, and guardians of the Coast for centuries.
    Finfish farmers have been major polluters and bottom destroyers…
    Shellfish farmers are actually healthy for our Bays and Estuaries as these critters filter the water, cool!!!
    Pinwheels are cool!!!
    Wind Turbines on our Oceans will be our downfall!!!

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