Making Waves! Fishermen protest in Dublin over EU fisheries policy

A flotilla of 55 trawlers from all around the Irish coast gathered at the entrance to Dublin Port before dawn before travelling up the River Liffey in convoy through the East Link Toll Bridge to John Rodgerson’s Quay., The fishermen are protesting over quotas cuts, the impact of Brexit and the EU Common Fisheries policy in the second such protest in as many months. The protesters will hold a rally at Guild St Park at noon, before a delegation will deliver a letter to the Taoiseach at the National Convention Centre. Photos, >click to read<

Fishermen from all over the country are making waves with Dublin protest – Fishermen and industry representatives are expected to list their demands later today, which are to be submitted to Taoiseach Micheál Martin at the National Convention Centre around 1:30pm. >click to read< 07:46

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  1. Joel H says:

    Why is it that fisherman in Europe take the initiative to get out and make noise over the injustices heaped upon them. They’ve resorted to civil disobedience in the past when they have been disregarded by their politicians and governments.
    Yet here in the USA they continue to be relentlessly shit upon by those who are in control.
    They roar like lions and fight like lambs. When will enough be enough?
    The end is rapidly approaching. The small business family fishing model is being exterminated. The takeover of your oceans is almost complete.
    You’ve been sold down the river by your elected officials who are pretty much useless empty suits being paid to destroy us by your own tax dollars.
    Time is almost up. Stand up and fight. Take back what is being taken away.

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