Red Tide Crisis: ‘It’s a ghost town out there’ – Fishermen and Protestors ask DeSantis for Emergency declaration

“It’s a total ghost town out there, I mean, I’ve talked to fishermen that are fishing for mullet and other fish, they can’t hardly find nothing,” said Steven Morrow, a commercial fisherman based in Tampa. Hundreds gathered near the St. Petersburg Pier on Saturday for a “rally for red tide.” The group was standing in solidarity with city councilors, who earlier in the week, passed a resolution asking Governor Ron DeSantis to declare a state of emergency due to red tide. Commercial anglers say they want to step in to help clean up the dead fish, while their regular jobs aren’t there, video, >click to read< Protesters call for help dealing with Tampa Bay fish-killing red tide – More than 100 people took part in the event along the St. Petersburg waterfront carrying signs and shouting, “Save our bay, make polluters pay.” >click to read< -12:24

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