From the Deckboss – Is this anything? Walmart sent salmon suppliers this letter.

The letter said the company will buy only from fisheries “certified sustainable to the MSC standard,” or actively working toward certification. “It is amazing to me,” Tyson Fick, spokesman for the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute said, “that America’s largest retailer appears to be saying that they will not buy American seafood without the endorsement of a foreign-based environmental group while promoting foreign seafood with clearly inferior fisheries management and quality, all in the name of sustainability.” [email protected]  the letter

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  1. If anyone has been reading these fishery columns for any amount of time, you would see that Wal-mart is not much different then some of the most despised ENGO’s who have their fingerprints all over the New England Catch Shares disaster.Wal-mart has been the 800 lb consumer retail gorilla whose business practices (see: make one wonder why anyone would call them the “Great American Retailer.” Wal-mart is just one part of the big government plan to remove American fishermen off our coast, and it would make sense now thinking about it. There is much money in selling and promoting freshwater fishing products then one can make from the saltwater side, while also bringing in cheaper foreign seafood products. I for one would pay the extra money and walk over to a TOPS or any other retail then spending ONE PENNY at Wal-mart. Now am I being too tough on the “Great American Retailer?”

  2. Chris Scola says:

    Any fishermen who patronizes Wal-mart has to be crazy. They have given millions to the EDF through the Walton foundation to promote catch shares and now they are essentially forceing the industry to submit to foreign approval of our fisheries. Please anyone with a stake in the fishing industry must insist that their friends and families no longer patronize Wal-mart.

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