To Whom This May Concern: Over-Spreading of R/V Bigelow Net

I believe that the Over-Spreading of NOAA’s nets used on their surveys began in the 1970s when NOAA changed from an old side-trawler which towed from the side of the vessel & the main towing wires were together. Then came the NOAA’S modern stern-trawlers & the main towing wires put 18 feet apart from each other wire. (R/V Delaware 2) R/V Bigelow main wires are 38 feet apart which causes over-spreading!! Northeast Trawl Advisory Panel has another problem with R/V Bigelow’s net. It under-spreads in shoal waters,,, >click to read< 19:32 By Sam Novello

3 Responses to To Whom This May Concern: Over-Spreading of R/V Bigelow Net

  1. Roger says:

    You need a real fishing boat and crew to do your surveys

  2. Joel says:

    Sam, you have been around long enough and seen enough to know how these elitist PHD toting so called managers look upon us peon, knuckle dragging common working folk. The disdain which they obviously have for people who aren’t entitled, by their title is obvious.
    PHD, Piled Higher and Deeper. They know it all because they read it from a book.
    Smart people? Perhaps. But to quote an old friend,
    ”A persons brain is like a computer hard drive. The more space occupied by book smarts, the less space available for common sense.”
    Let that sink in for a minute. How many of these highly educated elitist have you seen that know it all, couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were on the sole?
    Until there are people willing to listen put in position’s of public trust, nothing will change.

  3. muddog says:

    Intentionally destroying by design.

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