Due to high fuel costs, shortage of fresh fish anticipated in Andalucia

As Manuel Fernandez, president of the Andalucian Federation of Fishermen’s Guilds pointed out, there has been no agreement to stop the fleet in the region, but more and more boats are mooring up because they are unable to make ends meet, and the sale of fishing vessels is not profitable. According to sources in the sector, there are 1,700 fishing boats in Andalucia, with 5,000 seamen working on them. The high price of fuel is making their activity unprofitable, as the sale of the fish they catch is not enough to pay for diesel, wages and social security. “This Friday, a large part of the trawler fleet in the Gulf of Cadiz (which includes Huelva) has already stopped. Of the 82 purse seiners, only 14 are fishing. Of the 133 trawlers, 60 per cent are moored”, indicated Fernandez. >click to read< 10:19

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