Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. Stands Up to Big Oil and Fights to Protect Atlantic Coast from Offshore Drilling. YES!

“I oppose H.R. 2231, the Offshore Energy and Jobs Act. By requiring offshore oil and gas drilling in the Atlantic Ocean, this bill threatens New Jersey’s coastal environment, fishing, tourism and the associated jobs and economic activity. This bill is the same old failed attempt by the Republican majority to give away public resources to wealthy, multi-national corporations at the cost of American taxpayers and our environment. Read more here

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  1. Really Congressman Pallone…”give away public resources to wealthy, multi-national corporations at the cost of American taxpayers and our environment.”

    Why don’t we remove “oil and natural gas” and re-place that with “towering wind turbines and acres of the ocean access to the American public closed off due to wind farms.”

    This is all part of the progressive Big Green Money Machine in cahoots with the West Wing of the White House using the same tired progressive talking points to scare the public on America’s readily available and cheap fossil fuel resources.

    Maybe he should read the article in the CFN (Commercial Fishing News – July) on page 13 with BOEM and their “OFFSHORE” lease sale to the “HIGHEST BIDDERS” for the ocean rights for wind energy projects…yes the area East of Block Island and south of Rhode Island, covering a highly fished portion of Cox Ledge.

    Congressman Pallone, who do you think can afford to buy these leases on ocean real estate off our coast….your constituents?….NO…. in your own words, “wealthy, multi-national corporations” and the list of bidders includes some of the biggest “players” in the wind industry.

    Fishermen, in the progressive playbook, WEAs (Wind Energy Areas) are “good” just a couple of miles from our shorelines, but drilling along the canyons and shelf to recover oil and natural gas, are “really, really bad.” Ask yourself, does that sound right?

    What’s next for Congressman Pallone when it comes to Americans having the choice of paying less for various sources of energy and for producing high paying jobs in the United States……being against the Keystone XL pipeline?

    From NJ

    “On the Keystone XL Pipeline: “I’m concerned about the Keystone Pipeline, so I have taken a position largely against it, or at least to have more studies be done, because I think that it has potential problems.”

    You think? More studies to be done?

    Link is here:'progressive'-values-jabs-Booker?template=state-street.

    Voters, remember this when you fill up your car or plug in your electric car, or turn the lights on in your home, and see the price you pay because of the BHO administration war against fossil fuel and clean coal…and yes, without them, you might as well as be living in a 3rd world nation.

    Don’t be fooled with the catch phrase, “renewable clean energy.” Any energy product, comes with and bears a intrinsic cost which you can never get away from, either in producing the products that collects the energy, and as much, delivers the energy product to both industry and consumers.

    See what Congressman Pallone fails to mention is the economics behind green energy, especially since it will not lower the cost of energy to consumers!

    Worst as now being seen in the once thought of “safe” Solar Industry, due to the high competitive world market in the sale of solar panel equipment, sliding retail prices have forced solar panel makers to “cut corners” with their product resulting in a ever higher failure rate, along with the rising cost of disposing of these solar panels due to the various metals that are used in the product.

    Even the NY TIMES pointed this out in a May 2013 piece in their Business Section – Solar Industry Anxious Over Defective Panels;

    What should upset everyone here is that you have a progressive congressman carrying the water for an administration whose aim has been to keep the cost of fossil fuel products high and eventually create a carbon tax and cap & trade market that will enrich the pockets of their progressive minions at the expense of the public. Yes REDISTRIBUTE THE WEALTH.

    How about BHO’s big speech in Africa and sending 7 billion dollars over to improve the “energy grid” in Africa. What do you think the source of energy will be…, wind, hydro? NO……the biggest bang for the buck is fossil fuel plants, in particular petroleum and coal based products, especially since they are found and being supplied from in that region of the world.

    Don’t be fooled here fishermen when your paying anywhere from 3.50 to 4.20 to fill up your vessel.

    Look at the Captain Louis Renault “I’m shocked” moment by West Virginia Senator Manchin:

    All of a sudden this democrat realizes that BHO is attacking the primary industry and jobs in his state…and hurting his hopes for being “re-elected?”

    If a politician is going to standup for “anything” it should be working in the best interests of the people of the country, and here once again you have a politician whose primary concern is in having the support of the BHO administration and being re-elected to office.

    Fishermen, over the last few years, how has this worked out for you?

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