Anchoring the Family: The Life, Labor and Love of an Alaskan Fishing Mom

It’s called a labor of love for a reason. A life in fishing – especially in Alaska – can be equally rough and rewarding, spending days at sea where the wonders of the world take shape in glacial ridges and splashes of fish slipping over each other on deck. What you don’t always see is the effort, will, patience and passion of the people caring for those on the water from behind the shoreline. On the rugged coast of southern Alaska, where icy waters provide hope for a rich season, Kinsey Brown and her husband, Zeke, have woven their lives into the fabric of their small fishing community. It’s been said countless times by dedicated seafood harvesters across the globe that fishing is more than a livelihood. It’s a calling, community and a legacy that nearly all who fish hope to pass down to the newest generations of their fishing families. Video, photos, more, >>CLICK TO READ<<  10:30

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