Alaska Fish Radio: US troops will get AK salmon; People Mag says farmed fish is best; Begich calls EPA visit “good”

US troops will be eating Alaska salmon after all. Sodexo, the France-based food contractor did an about face after getting blasted by Senator Mark Begich.  Sodexo, which has an eight year contract to provide food services to the US military,  said it would only serve seafood meriting one particular eco-label that Alaska salmon doesn’t have. Senator Mark Begich – “They want to get an understanding of the chain of control or handling of seafood products and they have offered to work with our folks. And I think that’s a great sign that they recognize the value – and we pointed out some things they just didn’t understand.” [email protected]


  • – Moderator

    Ummm, Senator???

    How about you MAKE them understand US Seafood IS SUSTAINABLE BY LAW!

    THEY? Have OFFERED to work with OUR folks?? SENATOR?

    This is unacceptable, meaning your Lilly Livered acceptance of a British ENGO controlling the destiny of OUR Seafood Senator.