This sucks – Fisherman loses $12,000 he saved for engagement ring

Matthew Camp, of Lower Township, Cape  May County, had a recent run of good days aboard a scallop boat, the F.V.  Nancy Elizabeth, and things were set to get even better Sept. 9 when he planned  to buy an engagement ring and propose to his longtime girlfriend, Tabitha  Bohn. Camp, 32, cashed a check for $12,000 at a bank that morning, stuffed the  bills into his backpack and headed south on the Garden State Parkway on his  motorcycle about 8 a.m. Then fate or a faulty zipper deep-sixed the day: All  those bills fluttered out of his backpack, all those hours on the ocean tossed  away like a shucked scallop shell. [email protected] 15:30

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