Paul Cohan: This is in response to John Bullard in the Myopic View Column in the GDT

I don’t know where to start. This is one of those instances where “to  keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool is better than opening it up  and removing all doubt”, something you should’ve considered before you  submitted this deceptive drool. Your self serving revisionist history  would be right up there with “intelligent design” if not for the fact  that there is nothing intelligent designed into “Your View:  Read more here     – John Bullard, My View: Fisheries hold challenges, opportunities   20:41

  • Alaska Gal

    Paul Cohan cuts to the chase every time. The emperor definitely has no clothes.

  • jj

    Can’t open GDT to get Bullard’s letter but I do love Paul’s response. (Perhaps including an image of the letter wouldn’t violate copyright and allow some immediate relief to people on cell phones that would like to know more.)
    Life under catch shares hasn’t been the rosy picture the proponents lead folks to believe it would be.

    • click on fishing industry on left hand side. or fishery or saving reading .warning wear boots while reading because the bulls… gets deep