U.S. Court of Appeals Rules Against New Bedford & Gloucester et al- Sides with Feds and Special Interests

        The 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals struck down every one of a number of arguments the cities and their co-plaintiffs in the industry made in their appeal. The court upheld a 2011 lower court decision in the suit brought by the two ports as well as fishermen and fishing groups. Broadly speaking, the court ruled that the government stayed within the letter and spirit of the 1976 Magnuson-Stevens Act, which was designed to end overfishing in the Northeast.


Court rejects Mass. ports’ suit against fish law-Cape Cod Times
BOSTON – A federal appeals court on Wednesday rejected claims by New England’s two largest fishing ports that federal regulators improperly enacted fishing rules that they say are wiping out local fleets.
Attorney Stephen Ouellette, who represented the New Hampshire Commercial Fishermen’s Association, “The fishery is now available to the highest bidder,”
Peter Shelley, senior counsel of the Conservation Law Foundation, which intervened on behalf of the government, said the plaintiffs’ claims “bordered on frivolous” and amounted to a “political sideshow.”

He said with two unambiguous court rulings in the government’s favor, there should be no doubt now that the fishing law is legal. “The challenge now is to get this fishery functioning in the way it ought to be functioning,” Shelley said.


Read the official ruling here  Read the background on the case and appeal here

4 Responses to U.S. Court of Appeals Rules Against New Bedford & Gloucester et al- Sides with Feds and Special Interests

  1. borehead says:

    I will link reports as they are published from various sources.
    The court documents indicate that they considered everything but the referendum vote which was rendered wortless thanks to manipulating termanology.
    This is another continuance of infustice. Shame on the court.

    • borehead says:

      Peter Shelley is a ENGO shyster.
      Frivilous? Political side show?
      As he collects his green back dollar. Screw you Peter.

  2. philips66 says:

    All he ever wanted was to destroy the fisheries and eliminate a large %age the fishermen. Fleet consolidation. For the Big Green Mafia, this is "Mission Accomplished". ASSHOLES!

    • borehead says:

      No sense in gioing down without taking some shit heads with ya. I think people are licking thier wounds, but are shaking it off. It was a shock to a lot of people including me. They will be looking to making people pay. We'll be right there.

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