‘What is NOAA trying to hide?’

In the latest letter, which the Times obtained, Broun wrote that “by law, NOAA must comply with citizen requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act within 20 working days. I shouldn’t have to remind you that a congressional committee with jurisdiction over NOAA is afforded greater access than that of citizens under FOIA.” Lubchenco’s spokeman Scott Smullen emailed the Times that “we will soon provide an answer to the congressman.”


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  1. borehead says:

    Scott Smullen. How 'bout you a-holes start providing answers to the citizens that pay your salary, and the representatives that we elect, huh?__I'm sure that you have some paid stooge reading these posts, probably yourself, along with the of the hierarchy of control of moral and administrative failure.__Jane, I want you gone.__Everyday, I awake praying to read your Pew/ EDF Walmart fattened rump is gone. Just gone.__Its beyond time John Tierney, for you whom the people re elected, and ironic as it is, the last man standing in New Englands fish wars, that you make NOAA accountability JOB 1.__John Kerry. Ehh! What can be said about you, personal friend of Jane, brother of Cam?__Ineffective for fishermen.__I want that Swartwood report, and I want it NOW.__This citizen demands it._

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